Google (and some other sites) only load on WiFi not ethernet

I am having a strange issue. I have a G3100 router and an extender in another room. I have two machines hooked to the extender by ethernet. On one of the machines some websites will not load. They ping fine. Everything works on the other machine. If the affected machine is on Wifi everything works fine. 

PC Specs;

  • I9 10900K
  • RTX 3090
  • 128 GB RAM

Below are some things that I have tried;

  • Verizon replaced the router
  • Hardwiring the PC to the main router or the extender both have the same results.
  • Multiple different cables known to be working
  • Changed router DNS to Google’s
  • Turned off Home Network Protection. 
  • Reduced all router firewall settings to Low
  • Removed any parental control rules
  • Turned off Windows firewall
  • Reinstalled Windows fresh

Verizon doesn’t seem to know what the problem is. I have been scouring these posts trying to fix the issue;

Maybe I could buy a NIC add in card. Maybe the one on my motherboard is shot?

I am at a total loss. Is there a service that you can pay to Team Viewer in and fix things like this??? I am willing to try anything at this point to get this working on ethernet.

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Community Leader

Wow, those are pretty impressive hardware specifications. I9 and 128GB RAM.

This is largely a network issue, so please do not attempt to reinstall your operating system or change any hardwares, in order to save some efforts.

Can you ping on Ethernet? Can you traceroute to using UDP?

Do you know how to use WireShark? Can you open your command prompt and type in ipconfig?