Guidance on Introducing Home Mesh Network

Hello, new to the community.

Been researching installing a MESH Network in my home to the point of confusing myself since there seems to be many options.  However, I think I may have narrowed it down.

My primary objective is to have seamless WiFi connection through-out house. If I can gain more speed without much difficulty with installation, GREAT but not a priority)

Current configuration:

  • Fios triple play (TV, Internet, LAND Phone)
  • Fios Router Actiontec MI424WR-GEN3I using COAX cable (older router  but works)
  • Verizon set-top boxes connected via COAX
  • RING security cameras
  • Netgear Access Point model WAC104 (probably not needed with MESH)

The Wifi is primarily used for security cams, work at home internet, browsing/researching things. NO GAMING or constant High Streaming

I'm  looking at the 

  1.  eero 6 Starter Kit.  Bundle includes an eero 6 Router and two eero 6 Extenders to supporting Wi-Fi 6
  2. eero 3 pack. Works to enhance the signal for all devices that require WiFi.  eero 3-pack replaces existing router

Honestly, I'm unsure the difference between the two kits above except #1 is $30 more.

Thank you in advanced to anyone who can guide me on the right method. Let me know if any other questions.


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