Let me start by saying I have never in my life felt the need to write a letter of complaint…until now. The horrific ordeal your company has unnecessarily put my family through for the past week needs to be told. In addition I attempted to submit this to Verizon itself but like so many before me, they do not provide a customer complaint email address or physical address.
On July 29th while I was at work, my very capable 20-year-old son attempted to call a representative at Verizon to report a malfunctioning piece of equipment in our home. A very simple issue, the power cord to your modem/ONT box/main brain (unsure of the boxes official name) was no longer making contact with the power port and so there was no power to the box, therefore ALL SERVICES in our home were affected. After four attempts and several hours of his valuable time, one of the representatives finally answered his call and insisted it was the router causing the problems, even though my son, a computer geek, nicely argued that fact. In a continued attempt to rectify the situation he decided to try an online chat. He thought maybe he’d possibly be able to reach a different representative who understood the equipment the company places in its customer’s homes. But once again they too insisted it was the router and was immediately placing one in the mail. That evening when I got home from my long 13-hour day as a critical care registered nurse I was able to rig the wire and place the box at such an angle that it powered up again, a very temporary fix for the moment because of my hectic work schedule. Sometime during the night of August 2-3rd the power code once again lost contact because on the morning of August 3rd I awoke to absolutely NO SERVICES in my home. This is where the agony truly begins.
On the morning of August 3rd after waiting on hold for almost an entire hour, a male representative answered my call and treated with a disrespect I have NEVER experienced in my life. After explaining exactly what I was experiencing with the malfunctioning power cord he followed the cue cards on what to say to a customer next, he completely ignored my entire complaint. He insisted I go through my home and search for specific buttons to push which I adamantly refused to do because I knew exactly what the problem was but that wasn’t good enough for him. When I became angry he responded by raising his voice telling me I’d have to pay for the service technician if I didn’t follow these ridiculous steps he was insisting upon. After a very heated argument I demanded to speak to a supervisor for which he told me there was no one available and hung up on me. Imagine my disbelief, I had been so disrespected and then hung up on as a paying customer. I spend my days dealing with angry, upset family members in an intensive care unit and never would I ever even dare think about speaking to any of them the way your representative spoke to me. I had no choice but to call back and wait another hour to speak with someone else. This gentleman was kinder, understood what my son and I had been trying to tell several people before him and scheduled a service technician to come to my home on August 8th, that was the earliest appointment available, that meant a total of six days without the internet, phone and television.
Fast forward a few hours and I receive a call from a Verizon supervisor because I gave that rude representative a score of one. He was super apologetic and once again attempted to explain to me that the representative was going down the list of interventions the way he was trained. My response to this was that I am a masters level, well-educated woman who can see the malfunctioning power cord hanging from the box. In addition, I do not believe for a second that his immediate supervisor wasn’t available for me to speak with and absolutely do not appreciate being hung up on. None the less he apologized and worked to get my service date moved up to August 7th between 2-4 pm, that was the very best that he could do.
Can you imagine after all of this unnecessary stress I wake up to a text message on August 7th that states “Hi, your Verizon ticket is part of a larger service outage and a technician visit is not required at this time” …..again more of valuable time spent on the phone, this time the wait time was estimated at an hour and seven minutes. A very kind female representative immediately involved her supervisor to ensure my ticket was detached from this larger service outage. She assures me that service technician will be at my home as scheduled between the hours of 2-4pm. By 3:45pm I had heard not a single word from any Verizon representative, so I had to once again call the Verizon 1-800 number, press one, press two, say this and say that to have an automated service tell me that my ticket was actively being worked, start time….3:30pm. I immediately went outside to look around, to make sure this person wasn’t wasting his/her time on a pole and saw absolutely no one. I had begun to think maybe I was losing my mind. This ridiculousness could not be real, but it was. So once again I had to call that phone number I’ve come to know all too well report that there was in fact no one working on my ticket. At 4:25pm a very nice service man named Paul finally showed up, he switched out the wire and left my home in less than 15 minutes. May I repeat it took him less then 15 minutes and it cost me 6 days of being inconvenienced and stressed. Thanks to the use of our hotspot, which was necessary to get through the past 6 days, I had to add data to my unlimited Verizon cell phone plan this week, increasing my charges. In addition, my family’s data has now been used up until August 22nd creating more unnecessary stress in my life. All because of a power cord and a list of representatives who don’t listen to the costumer.
I honestly don’t understand how a multi-million-dollar company justifies treating paying customers this way. My entire life my family and I have been Optimum costumers and I can say without any doubt that they never caused so much grief. I am now looking forward to the day my contract ends with Verizon, for all my services, so I can switch back to a company that listens and respects its customers and has enough technicians on staff to immediately rectify such a simple situation.

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