HS internet issues - equipmnent

When they installed my service they gave me this junk westell 6100 and I had to use my 6 yr old cisco router. I can get no support on how to hook up for ssid.... i live in a tourist area so every summer my connection gets slow as hell. so i asked them for a new router / modem combo... of course they offered to sell me one... is this normal...?? whats a good one piece combo router/modem unit i can buy on ebay, im not buying from verizon ripoff... since they obvioulsyt cant support anything they sell or serve tro us....

Ive been trying for a year to get my home phone rolled over to my cell phone, they transfer me back and forth , from wireless to residential over and over....

Ive spent 3000 a year with these people for over ten years... thats 30K ... these people make me sick

Re: HS internet issues - equipmnent
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that is what I did in my modem combo since I have my own RJ-45 WAN port router.