Having issues with Dropped Packets since Saturday 3/6 11pm
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Hi all.

Current setup:

* G1100 (I also have a G3100)

* ECBM5240 (to bypass the G1100 gigabit coax limit)

* 4 WCB6200 Extenders (MoCa)

* Gigabit service

I"ve been running a stable network and service for the past 4 yrs. 

My MoCa network has been running well for the past 6-7 months.

As of Saturday, 3/6/2021 11pm, all of a sudden i start seeing the connectivity issues - my son first came to me saying...Dad...my switch and PS5 are lagging (switch is wireless, but PS5 is ethernet).

So i shutdown and started all - ONT, Router, Extenders, Devices (started in that order).  Issue was still happening.

I called Vz to open a ticket - but their tools were reporting all is fine. 

Yeah, when it works it works well, but when packets dropped, it impacts.

So I ran a couple of commands from my laptop and relayed this to the support to add to ticket:
* tracert www.yahoo.com (and other URLs) - but it does one hop and thats it, so not much there

* ping -t www.yahoo.com (and other URLs) - and I see the dropped packets/timeouts happening - I have 4 pings running to google, bing, yahoo and verizon website - one of the 4 is piping to a log file for the last 2 days - its only 5mb right now.

All are showing "Request timed out." which is happenning at a 7-9% packet loss rate.  

I've connected directly to the router and disconnected the coax to avoid any potential loops and still see the timeouts, and yes I also restarted.

I even switched the router - yes...finally did it...and put the G3100 - with the ECBM5240 its working like a charm - it took rebooting the extenders - but they all got recognized nicely after a few minutes. Even the one WCB6200 I have that does not have the Vz firmware works nicely as well. However, I still see the timeouts in the network pings. (with or without the extenders)

As of this message, it is still dropping about 7% of packets - which i know is above the threshold of 2% acceptable/noticeable.

These packet losses are causing

* VPN for work to drop
* MS Teams call to disconnect

* other collaboration tools to become offline/reconnect

The timeouts are happening mostly in sets of 3 at a time, but every 30-40 packets. But the majority are always in sets of 3 timeouts back to back.

Any thoughts?