Having trouble syncing

Quick Info:

I'm using a Westell 327w

Yes, I have filters on all my phones and they are new.

No, there is no filter from the modem to the phone jack.

So the past month, I've been plagued with internet problems. My internet speed dropped to 1 to 1.5MB max when I'm paying for 3MB max. Then my internet constantly disconnects. It gets very unpredictable at times and at its worst, it disconnects every 2 minutes. The DSL light kept blinking so it had trouble syncing.

I've called a tecnician recently and my speed is restored. Turns out something was wrong with the wiring. However, I'm still getting disconnect problems. Upon some investigation, I think I may know why.


I tried to find other people who had the same problem and something called "Margin" came up. I didn't know what it meant at first, but I found out that having 6 or less would mean a very unstable connection. From what I've seen, I've gotten anything from 2 to 6.5. I'm not very confident with my Line Attenuation either... and I don't know what Transmit Power is suppose to mean...

First of all, is the source of my numerous disconnects because of that low Margin? If so, how can I increase it so my internet will be more stable.

I'm not exactly sure what to do yet. I thought about getting a new telephone cord (from my modem to jack) or even go as far as replacing the modem. But I dunno if it's that simple or another wire problem where I have to call another tecnician.

Re: Having trouble syncing
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Your attenuation should be fine. It's a factor of a few things with the line, but your attenuation is 2-4dB lower than mine is and I have a 5Mbps connection that holds at 6dB margin but also has a lower power level than your connection. Your upstream attenuation is also higher than mine, and for where it's at, it is indicating there still may be a problem with the copper circuit. I'd expect that to be at around 20-23dB.

Here's my statistics from the DSLAM I am on. I've formatted them similar to yours as the output from the DSLAM isn't as pretty.

Transceiver Statistics

Transceiver Revision:

Vendor ID Code:


Line Mode:

G.DMT Mode

Data Path:



Transceiver Information

Downstream Path

Upstream Path

DSL Speed (Kbits/Sec)



Margin (dB)



Line Attenuation (dB)



Transmit Power (dBm)



Relative Capacity ( % )




Your issue is due to the lower noise margin as you suspected. 5dB is pretty low. Connections can operate at 0dB but at that point the noise is too much. Most DSLAMs will drop the connection and re-synchronize it when the margin sustains itself at 2dB. For this, you may want to try connecting your modem to your Telephone NID to see if you can obtain some better statistics. You may need to have Verizon come out once more to see if there is more they can do to your line to improve performance. The proper sync rate for your connection should be 3360kbps on the downstream, 864kbps on the upstream. 704kbps is an optimized rate but it is also I believe a failback for when the connection optimization fails.