Help - Incorrect Unreturned Equipment Charge Has Utterly Destroyed My Credit

There is a $421 charge that verizon has sent to collections and which now has utterly blocked my ability to any Credit across all major credit bureaus.

Sadly, circa 2017-18 due to a recklessness of the storm of my youth I was arrested, and in the time awaiting my trial, after an eviction, had to move from my state of residence to stay with family for support. It was during this moment of transition when one of the very last things I did before leaving the state was return my Verizon Modem (which is was the only piece of equipment Verizon had rented to me). It wasn’t long thereafter before I was sentenced and given but a week to gather myself before reporting for a period of incarceration in my original state.

Then after my release, I was informed by my grandmother a thousand miles away that she had received several letters from Verizon over the year and that I should look into it.

But it was too late. Being that I had entered this hardship nigh entirely upon my own, there was virtually no ability for me to reach out to Verizon before this occurrence to inquire as to how there system could possibly still reflect the modem as outstanding despite its return, and now being released and on the other side my convictions, I cant stress nor perhaps need to how frightfully extraordinary of a pressure a “criminal record” presents upon one’s life and their ability to conduct it nor how vital and critical a lifeline credit is for one of this path.

I am underemployed and have sent out more declined applications for work in the past few years than I have hairs on my head, and would REALLY like the opportunity to have my first credit card so that I can start building my credit, and smooth over some of the tighter corners my financial ruin can subject me to when things get out of hand difficult… but as it stands I am declined everywhere and by everyone and will continue to be until this is clarified.

I pray to god there is someone at Verizon who can still help me sort this all out!

Wits end,


Re: Help - Incorrect Unreturned Equipment Charge Has Utterly Destroyed My Credit
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As this is a peer to peer support forum, you will need to contact Verizon directly for assistance. We have sent you a private message with contact information for a dedicated specialist who is able to help with a resolution of your issue.