Help at new location

Hello guys,

I'm somewhat lost as to what I should do, and hope I can get some help. Here is a little background.

Had Fios before and even own the GATEWAY AC-1750. Recently moved and have my account suspended. At new place, the owners included internet with the rent, and  I believe they are using FIOS, since they use the ACTIONTEC MI424

They've provided me with the password, and all seemed good, except for the fact that WIFI speed is slow, and every once in a while connection drops, (I use WIFI calling a lot with T-MOBILE since the area I'm in has terrible reception) so I was thinking about calling Verizon to set activate my old account.

When I connected my AC-1750 to the coaxial wall plate just before calling them, it connected to the internet, and even works better as far as speed, but it keeps disconnecting (I believe it could be a conflict with the signal, but I don't know enough).

I am wondering on what to do next. Is it even possible to use my AC-1750 and configure it in a way that does not conflict or affect the owners internet connection, or are there others options I could possibly use?

The owners are nice, and perhaps I could also speak to them about even using my AC-1750.

Any help would be appreciated.

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