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I have been trying to work with Verizon to assist with my Gigabit connection for some time.  I haven’t been able to find a solution. I was upgraded to the Gigabit connection almost a year ago, the technician that arrived decided to add new screws with washers to my network enclosure cover where my coax cables and Ethernet cables were located. “I will discuss the relevance of this later. “ The technician completed the upgrade and told me that I was good to go. In the past, my upgrades have been successful so I didn’t do a Verizon speed test onsite. Months go by and I receive a phone call from a friend, he upgraded to FIOS Gigabit and wanted to compare speed test starting with Verizon’s speed test. He received around 900/800 wired and 750/400 over WIFI. This is with an IPS on his network to inspect traffic which slows down speed. My speeds were averaged around 250/220 wired and 150/120 over WIFI.

I called Verizon support, and was told that the speed to my Router was fine and that it was on my end. I called again to get a second opinion and was told that I needed an i7 PC to receive the full speeds. Keep in my mind friend has an old quad core PC with 8 gigs of ram. I gave up for a few months and recently decided to revisit this again. I call Verizon to ensure I am provisioned properly and they were unable to help. I call again requesting a 1.04 hardware revision router, it’s sent and still no luck. I call Verizon again, go through all the troubleshooting steps, the representative keeps me on hold for a long time attempting to provision me again. He tells me he will call me back in 30 minutes, as it was taking a long time. I didn’t get a call back until the next time in the morning as I was sleeping so I missed the call. I call Verizon again, and have to go through the troubleshoot steps again and finally have a technician dispatched to my home.

When the technician arrived on the scheduled date, I explain to him all of the steps I’ve taken. Swapped out any Cat 5e cables with Cat 6, turned off Wifi on the router to ensure no devices interfered with the speed test. Tested using Verizon’s speed test with an i7 laptop, an i5 Desktop, last gen Mac Book Pro, and an older AMD desktop all connected one by one via Ethernet to the router. Even took i7 laptop and connected directly to the ONT. All the speeds were consistent. I even upgraded my desktops with new gigabit Ethernet cards to ensure that wasn’t the issue. The technician wanted to look at my network enclosure, but was unable to remove it due to the former Verizon tech adding new screws and washers to my network enclosure cover. As the tech pulled at the network enclosure, I watched as pieces of drywall hit the ground. The Verizon tech needed to use a saw to cut the screws. Once inside he checked the cables, verified that everything was fine on my end. He continued his testing and checked the ONT box outside. It was determined that the ONT needed to be replaced. Once completed he used his cell phone and what appeared to be a USB Type-C to Ethernet Adapter to the ONT and received around 620/760 speeds.

He quoted that this was a huge improvement and we went back inside to test. On all my PC’s directly connected I was now receiving 340/300. I was very disappointed, but the tech kept repeating that he was baffled at what was going on and that he did everything that he could. I requested that the router in my house be moved to the basement, I had my basement completed and Cat 6 cables were run to the basement instead of Cat 5E which is run throughout the second and third floors. I got the same speeds. When the tech left, I went back to the ONT and got around 340/300. I called Verizon again requesting to downgrade me back 300/300 which I had in the past as I actually got the actual speeds advertised. The Verizon rep told me they would charge me a fee as I have 14 months left on my contract to downgrade and sent me to another Verizon tech to help me troubleshoot. He tried his best, escalated the issue and no one could determine why I am having the issue reported. He noted that Verizon shouldn’t have sent a technician to my house and that Verizon would now honor me downgrading without penalty fee. He promised someone would call me in the morning. Unfortunately that never happened. So, as my final attempt in resolving this I decided to post my issue here in hopes for a resolution.

Other things I have tried, disabling WMM on the router. Disabling my Virus protection when running the speed test. Even ensured the guest network was disabled as the Verizon rep noted that it cuts speeds in half. I didn't verify this, but at this point I am either going to lower my speeds or move on to another ISP. 

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Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.  Please check your Private Message Inbox for a message from Verizon_Support.  You can find your Inbox by clicking on your username at the top right corner of this page.  Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents who will be assisting you privately.