Help with laptop wireless connection
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 I  am looking for help with getting my laptop connected online.

 I have a PC with the verizon wireless router and I just recieved a laptop that
I'd like to go online with.  I have installed a Linksys wireless card and  I follwed

all the steps given,  but when I click on the network icon it says its not connected,

Clicking the view all available networks comes up with the list,  of course they

all say they are locked...I wasnt sure but I still clicked on them and clicked the connect button,
 it went thru the motions and it comes up saying "limited or no connectivity"

I also had connected the ethernet cable from my router to the laptop, but still nothing
the little green light  where I plug into the back of the router doesnt light up.

 Is my laptop suppose to pick up my router?  if do I get it to see it?

 can anyone help with  some steps to follow to get this laptop online Please

Thank you for any help

Laptop is an IBM Thinkpad with Win XP

Re: Help with laptop wireless connection
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Yes, it's supossed to connect. Check the label on the router that shows the SSID name. That name, unless someone has changed it, is what you want to select in the list of available networks. If you do get it working, it's a good idea to change the security to at least WEP (others are better).

As for the ethernet cable method, does the network adapter in the laptop light up? If not, it may not be installed properly. If the light on the router does not light, that means it sees no adapter at the other end of the cable.

Re: Help with laptop wireless connection
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thank you for replying...I was wondering..where do I put that ssid?...when I click to view the available

networks,  it opens and shows a few, they all say its secured (or locked),  when I click on one once it asked for
 a number but it no longer asks, when I click Connect it starts looking fo connect and then it goes back to the list

 Is there a step by step info somewhere that can show how to go thru the setup from going thru the

 Make a network connection wizard to what to put in the wireless properties dialog box?

   While looking thru the "change the settings for this network,  I clicked on each thing that was there...
I see that TCP/IP protocol looks like it needs to be installed, but when I go to install, it asks what I want...

  Client....Service or Protocol.   In fact upon clicking on each of  the things listed in the

"Wirless Properties/ What this connection needs to connect",   when I click on each item only one

seemes to be installed, when I click on the other items...the only buttons that become usuable

are Install and Uninstall.   The items listed are:

Web Client for Microsoft
File and Printer
Qos packets scheduler
Link-Layer Topology Discovery Responder
Internet Protocol  (TCP/IP

the only that appears to be installed is the web client...the others like Ive said just have the install button available.

I am not certain what Im suppose to choose when it asks about what to install.

Sorry...Im a mess with this stuff.  I appreciate your help greatly

Re: Help with laptop wireless connection
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Sorry I'm not much help. I'm a bit of a neophyte in networking myself. There are other members here that have much, much more expertice in wireless than I, so don't give up yet. They may come back to help later.

Your SSID should appear in the list of available networks. If it does not, it may be that the wireless feature is turned off in your router or that the router is set to not broadcast the SSID. If either is the case you would have to login to the router with your desktop pc  and browser, and correct that. There a way to connect without the router broadcasting the SSID, but I'm not familiar with that method.

Folks, can you help this member?

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1st. Look at the sticker on the router. You will need both the SSID and the WEP key numbers.

Then when you go into the "View available wireless networks", find the network that matches the SSID number on the router. This is your network. Click on it and click "connect". It should then come back and ask you for the network password. This is the WEP key number from the router. Type that in and click connect again. This should get you online.

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Logon to the router at and  select the wirless tab

Select basic security on the left

Make sure Wireless is set to on

note down the ssid - this the the netwok you want to connect to

Choose encryption - highly recommend wpa/wpa2 as it's more secure but it's up to you

If it's set to wep your key is in the clear farther down the page, by default that is the key that is on the bottom of your router, you can cahnage the key, just make a note of what you change it to.

Right at the bottom of the page is a synopsis of your current settings

More of an issue is that your laptop did not connect via a hard wired ethernet cable, suspect the ethernet cable.

You connected an ethernet cable from a lan port on the router to the ethernet port on the laptop?

Go to device manager on the laptop - right click my computer, select manage, select device manager.

In the right pane there should be a green item marked nwetwork asapter

expand it and it should show you yur network adapter

If it doesn' dou you have an Other Devices entry with a question mark   ??

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Make sure you update the drivers for your network hardware. I've seen network connection problems like your description from this. You can also remove and reinstall the network hardware. Physically plugging in the ethernet cable should have connected no matter what. Unless the network settings or drivers are messed up.

Good luck!