Help with router install

I followed the prompts from the sticky but something isnt right.

I called verizon, they said I have the date through the ONT as ethernet.

Set up the new router, i get internet but the speeds are way down (nighthawk router)

Xbox now has the NAT type as moderate?

I only have the coax going into the verizon fios router, and the tv channels are fine (and guide) 

my upload and download on the new router are 100/100, on the fios router it was 600/250

Re: Help with router install

If you are using the fios Quantum Gateway Router you should have the ethernet in the WAN port on the fios Gateway. You then place the Netgear into access point mode in your routers settings. After you turn on access point mode on the Netgear take a ethernet cable from the FiOS Quantum Gateway LAN port and plug it into the Netgear WAN port. You now get DHCP from the verizon fios router, but everything else is assigned from the Netgear router.

its a good idea to enter the verizon gateway router and turn off the crappy wifi and make sure the wifi is enabled on the Netgear.

under section 3.1 you should be ok