High Speed Internet Install Hangs


Today is my Service Ready Date (although the DSL and internet light have been on on the modem since yesterday). I opened a browser and got the 'activation page', entered my line number, then got to download the verizon high speed internet installer for mac. Once I opened this I got to set up a username/password, then the installer went through a series of checks, and finally gets to 'saving settings for *******@verizon.net', where it says 'Please Wait, This step could take up to 3 minutes'. And it just hangs at that point. I waited for an hour and nothing happened. I tried again later with the 'resume installation' alias that was created when I quit the installer, and it jumps straight to that step as expected, but hangs again.

What could be causing this? I'm using a mac with MacOS 10.5, the modem is a Westell 7500, and the plan I've chosen is the 3MBs.

Thanks for any help!


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Re: High Speed Internet Install Hangs
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I know that you have an user name and password, that you created.

#1 Log-in the router with the user name and password for the router.

b) If you have no idea of what that is, please read the manual that came with the router. The manual be on a CD.

#2 Show the first screen that you see in the router.