High Speed Internet Standalone service

This msg goes out to anyone who has experienced a standpat answer from Verizon re standalone internet service.  We would like to continue with Verizon DSL without the bells and whistles of a phone service.  All providers of alternate phone service eg. Vonage, Ooma, Magic Jack, etc. say that in order to use their phone service all they require is a internet service.  When I contacted Verizon about a standalone internet service their answer is "we don't offer that in your area".  What's up with that?  They have the line to the house, just remove the phone service.  In this day where people are getting rid of their landline I would think Verizon would welcome an opportunity to make some revenue on reduced services.  Comments??

Re: High Speed Internet Standalone service
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Verizon stopped selling Dry Loop DSL a few years ago. You can still order Dry Loop, but it must come from a CLEC provider such as DSL Extreme. With Verizon, it's technically easier to get support for repairing the physical line if you have a landline, since you'll be able to call in issues with the DSL as telephone trouble versus DSL trouble. It's some nice ammo if you order just a basic 911 only circuit with DSL on it.