High Speed Internet WHAT A JOKE!
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DSL is not high speed.  It was slow in the 90's, and it's not much better today.

The sad part is, FIOS is available accross the street, but not in our little pocket of the neighborhood because it's not economically viable for Verizon.

Does anyone have any info on the ClassAction against Verizon for the slowest high speed internet in the world?

As if...

Re: High Speed Internet WHAT A JOKE!
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Is there actually a class action for the slowest broadband on Earth? I can say in my years of dealing with IT-related issues I've seen some horrible connectivity in other parts of the world. For DSL not being high speed, in the face of Fiber and DOCSIS technologies, and even Wireless it is starting to see it's final days, except for those on very short loops.

There's the last speed test I ran against my line from speedtest.net. DSL was capable of this back in the 90s once they moved from Fujitsu and other Frame Relay DSLAMs and unless you had one of the oddball cable companies out there or some private circuit, this was a wonderful package speed to get. Many that I know still had dial-up that couldn't make it past 36kbps due to the line quality, and many still connected at 14.4k. Also, the Cable company despite running some trials in the area didn't exceed 4Mbps/384kbps until after 2007, where they ran at 1Mbps/128kbps before the 2000s came along.

I do wish you luck in getting FiOS though. I've been waiting for years, and Verizon has Fiber gear walking distance from the house that has been sitting idle for over a year and a half now not being used. I still wonder if the one Verizon field tech I spoke to was right about it being a garage cleanout day rather than a Greenfield Fiber expansion project, or if the tech who told me I'd be getting FIOS 5 years ago was right.