High Speed Internet


Trying to get High Speed Internet installed in my condo. The tech wanted to drill an hole from external to my child's bedroom to bring the line in. He told me that my existing setup was outdated and no longer supported. Can I ask please if this is normal? I am not sure that my building condo association would allow this. Is there any reason that the tech would not bring the line in to the garage and up to my Condo? Also, would Verizon not remove the outdated wiring?

Thank you for any advice!

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Verizon will not fish line through your walls. You could get a contractor or electrician to do it. Normally the tech places it in the most easy spot to do the install. In many cases a small drill hole through the wall. In other cases they will take the time to install it where you like, but only if it doesn’t become a housing project.

the guy that installed ours was great, in the attic, in the bedroom, in the closet, or any other place we wanted it. It depends on the installer.