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what is the deal? I was on hold for 2 hours and thought it was a joke.  Turns out its not!  I hung up and called again and now I'm approaching 4 hours!!!!!!  All I want to do is schedule a tech to come wire my internet to my new house I just moved into. 

Turns out the coax cable that is currently running through the house does not work with the gigabit router i upgraded to.

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#1 There is also these options to contact them

a) Use @Verizonsupport on Twitter.

b) Use Verizon on DSLR Direct. Here is a direct link to what I mean by that


#2 Also instead of having them do it, either:

a) Do your self if you have the equipment and know how to do it.

b) OR hire someone else but not a Verizon Tech to do it.

And then you contact them to switch it over to ethernet. Points to and quotes part of https://www.dslreports.com/faq/15990

Call FiOS Tech Support at 800-Verizon, and navigate through the menus to get to tech support. Tell the rep "I want to have the internet connection from my ONT to the Router changed from a coax connection to an ethernet connection. I already have the wire in place. Can you do that for me now, please?"

When Tech Support does that, and says it is done, power up the Actiontec and let it complete the bootup sequence. You should see lights on the router indicating the Ethernet WAN is selected. If the Coax WAN light is lit, ask if the changeover is complete. Otherwise, you should have an internet connection.

Alternatively, you can post your request in the Verizon Direct forum. If you connect the cat5 cable from the ONT to the Actiontec ahead of requesting the change, there will be only a momentary interruption in service when the change is made. The Actiontec will auto-detect the change and come up on the Broadband ethernet interface.

In either case, verify by logging in to the Actiontec and viewing the Connections page as detailed above.