Home Network Protection

I accidentally turned on the McAfee Home network protection and now even if I turn it off I can’t see my old setup. I manage all of the devices from here. 
since I’ve tried to reboot the router, do a factory reset, uninstall the app and reinstall it and nothing has worked, i figures maybe I’ll just try to recreate the blocked times under the new system. It will not let me choose a time past midnight to block. I had my 16 year olds access blocked from 2am to 7am previously. 
Two questions, can I dump the home protection and go back to my old setup?  If so, how?

2) if I can not dump it, how can I make the access be blocked past midnight??

Re: Home Network Protection

how to remove verizon fios network protection by mcafee

I cannot tell you how much trouble McAfee and Norton/Symantec cause in systems.

i never use them. However if you do a google search on how to remove verizon fios network protection