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I have a couple ethernet wall ports both on the first and second level in my house. All the ethernet cables are already in the walls. However, they aren't connected to the router or modem so they don't work. How would I go about fixing this?

https://imgur.com/gallery/o7pKgKN: link to some pictures

Edit: im think the verizon tech connected the modem and the router directly together, but im not completely sure.

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You could use a switch box where the incoming coaxial is put into this box, then the individual MOCA coaxial is hooked to this box. The other end goes to the verizon router (verizon does not use modems) which makes the switch box become active and send signal from it. Something like this.


Picture should be helpful to you. For such a device they make powered ones which are far superior and cost a little more. Cable companies and i assume fios has similar tech to place this device right where the line comes into your home.

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Is that panel in your basement?  Are you using a Verizon router G1100?

You have a couple options. You can move the router down to the panel, but that will require cutting those splices and crimping RJ45 ends on both of those ethernet cables. From there you can connect all the wires in the wall to the LAN ports on the router. Doing this might make your wifi suffer so you might need to get a wireless access point and connect it where you currently have the router. 

Do you have a coax jack near your router? You could connect coax to the Verizon router and install a MoCA adapter down in the panel and connect it to an ethernet switch then all you ethernet wiring can connect to the switch. 

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OK ... need some more information.   Where does the blue cable from the Verizon ONT go?  Does it go straight to the router or does it go to the box where all the other ethernet cables went?   If it goes directly, is there a wall connection near the router that ends up in the box with all the others?

Depending on what you have and where things run -- there are a couple options from using a small ethernet switch in the box with all the blue cables or moving the router to the box -- although that would impact your wifi signal.

Give some more detail and lets see what's possible.