Horrendous & Costly Provider

Horrible and costly services!!!

Verizon gave away their email business to AOL which is even worse, if you can believe it!

AOL, early on, brought down their network multiple times, just to sell unnecessary technical services.

Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Also, the Network is up half of the time and the costs keep increasing.

We are totally disgusted!!!

Verizon keeps relying on a network that JUST DOESN'T WORK HALF OF THE TIME, BUT still charges outrageous prices for sub standard service!!!

What are our Representatives doing about this major SCAM?

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First off AOL & YAHOO! Are both owned by Verizon under a brand called Oath.

so you are still on Verizon. They just went to a email service that has functioned better before Verizon or Bell Atlantic Net came to be offering email services.

and what service is down half the time. DSL or Fios. Did you ever call for Verizon tech support?

1-800-VERIZON is the number to call.