Horrible Customer Service Experience
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The level of  service we have experienced was sextremely bad and the customer service was HORRIBLE.  I have been a verizon customer for years.   We recently switched over to FIOS after being contacted by a representative who advised us it was now available in our area.  We mentioned we've had satelite service with another carrier for more than 16yrs and would not likely be willing to change unless their package could mirror our existing services without additional cost, & the internet speed would increase.      Needless to say, we made the switch after being assured we had the highest package verizon offered along with the highest speed with FIOS as well as the same premium channels.  

After a few months we noticed the speed of our internet was nothing different than our previous service.  I actually began having trouble logging into my lap top unless I was in the same room as the router..  Nonetheless we didnot call to complain thinking it was just because the service was new to the area and would improve.   Well I saw a commercial that said you could upgrade to Verizon Quantum by just turning to the Verizon Channel and clicking on the upgrade.. Thinking I would get a message or email that stated we already had the service, I did just that only to find it allowed the upgrade.   the increase to he bill.   I thought we would be notified that new equipment due to the upgrade would be issued, but there was nothing.   Not to mention still no improverment to the speed.   So I contacted them , to address the issues and most importantly ask why a new router had not been sent or offered despite the upgrade to the speed.  I was told my current router was "compatible" with the Quantum speed but that I could receive a new Quantum router for an additional $2.00 a month...????????--

If my current router is compatible why would I need to do that ???? not to mention if there is a QUANTUM ROUTER, WHY WOULD THAT NOT HAVE BEEN SENT WHEN THE SERVICE WAS UPGRADED.   After some back and forth I was told by the Representative Miranda that I could go to one of their stores to turn in my old router and pick up a Quantum router that same day . She provided me with an order number as well as the address to the store.. Not more than an hour later I drove to the store only to be told, my order appeared in the system but not as a "store pick up" . Jonas , the store manager provided me the tel# to contact Verizon to make the easy change as he described it.    The gentleman I spoke to over the phone , told me there was nothing he could do because THE ORDER WAS BEING SHIPPPED .... AND I WOULD RECEIVE IT BY MONDAY..  As I became more livid , I advised them, that was unacceptable.  The gentleman over the phone who was extremely difficult to understand told me two more times the order was marked to be shipped and there was nothing he could do.   I demaned he create a new order, one that would allow me to do what I was previously instructed to do - which was to turn in my older router at the store and pick up a new one.     I was placed on hold several times, to dead silence.  The gentleman on the phone would come back to the line only after I continually would say Hello, are you still there. I asked to speak to a supervisor on several occasions but was never allowed to.  The gentleman on the phone then told me , I would likely not be able to pick the router up today even if he changed th order... I advised him I was just told by the instore Verizon Representative that he had plenty in stock and the only thing that needed to be done was to make the order a store pick up.     After being put on hold again , to dead silence. the gentleman on the phone told me, I would be happy to know HE was able to create a new order.  I was given another order number and told I could turn in the router to receive the new QUANTUM ROUTER. I walked ten steps back inside the store , gave the in store representative the new order number and was told he could no locate it in the system.  At that point I handed by cell phone to the instore representive for him to work out whatever internal issues there seemed to be with the hard to understand gentleman over the phone.  After they determined they were working off of two different systems, Coffee something compared to Coffee something else. the instore representative stated he would enter the order manually and I would be given the new router.   Well. I received the new Quantum router.. immediately came home to install it and NOTICED AN IMMEDIATE DIFFERENCE in the speed of the internet service, despite again being told my current router was compatable.. NOT TO MENTION MY LAP TOP WAS RECEIVING AN ADEQUATE SIGNAL IN ALL AREAS OF MY HOME.    This goes without saying how deliberate and misleading Verizon can be and has been with the offering of their services.  

Re: Horrible Customer Service Experience
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Despite all the frustration, I am pleased to hear you received a solution to your problem. This gives me new hope for my current situation.