Horrible Service Issue
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I had put in an order to transfer my Internet and phone (actually, a new service) attained through my DirecTV bundled services from my previous residence to my new one back on May 10th.  The date my Internet services were to be available to me at my new address was May16th.  Well, it is now May 31st and I am nowhere near having my Internet or service issues with Verizon resolved.  After many irate phone calls to Verizon and escalations to my problem, my Internet was then scheduled to be in service on May 17. Still nothing. After not getting a satisfactory resolution to my problem, Verizon expected me to be home during the week to have another tech come and see what the problem was. I had previously explained to Verizon that I could NOT take time off from work to accommodate a visit because I start a new job on Monday, May 19th and do NOT have anyone over the age of 18 to be there when a tech arrives.  After being out of work for nearly a year and going through whatever savings I had, I could not call out and risk losing my job.  So now I was forced to wait until Saturday, May 24th to have someone come out.  In the meantime, I had lost two full days waiting for a tech to arrive when I needed to be moving my things from my previous apartment to my new one.  I needed to be out by May 25th or I would be charged another months rent for an empty apartment.  In addition, I do freelance work from home. I’ve lost $1500 in additional income, which I rely on heavily and am losing potential clients because of this problem with my service.

Now, Saturday the 24th came and went. A tech was supposed to be at my residence between 8-2pm.  He did not show up until after the appointed hour (2:35pm) after ringing me at 7:28am and assuring me that he would arrive between 10-11am.  When a tech finally did arrive, it was not the one who called earlier and now it was back to square one.  After a hour or so, the newer tech told me that the reason the main office was not receiving a signal from my modem was because there was a problem with the wiring at a distribution pole somewhere in my neighborhood so, after another wasted several hours I still no service.  Now I was forced to wait ANOTHER week for someone to come and figure out the problem.

Here it is, Saturday May 31st, and I still do not have service.  Another tech that came out said that the problem was at the switching office and that the wiring was still attached to an old service, or something.  It’s an easy enough fix, he said, but I need to wait for a “rover” to get the job done.  Apparently, a rover is someone who floats from office to office fixing things but has a huge territory to cover and potentially may not be able to resolve the problem “today.” I was then told that if he cannot get to the job, ANOTHER tech would get the job ticket and the problem would hopefully be resolved.  In any case, I am still without service and have lost any trust in Verizon to finally fix this. I also fear that I may potentially have to wait yet ANOTHER week before I finally get my DSL service.

I am at the point now of giving up. I’m considering dropping Verizon DSL and going back to Comcast for my Internet service despite what my current discount with DirecTV is and what billing nightmare this will result in. Verizon has fumbled the ball so many times in regards to providing me with a satisfactory solution that I lost any faith them to make this right.  I feel that Verizon, because they are so large and have such a huge market share, simply does not care enough to fix what may be to them, a small problem. That I’ve gone two weeks without service may be nothing of consequence to them and there is no use in complaining. All I’ve gotten were apologies from everyone I’ve spoken to, and frankly, I am tired of hearing them. I want my service, that’s all. Keep your apologies, give me what I want and make it up to me somehow.  If you can’t, I’ll go elsewhere for my service. 

(UPDATE: I received a call from the tech that came today to let me know that my service should now be up and running.  Unfortunately, I am not home so I will have to take his word for it and find out for myself when I get home later.)