How do I change the router (G1100) IP address?

I have two routers with the same IP address. I need to change the FIOS router IP (g1100) to something else. It's currently Someone mentioned I should go to the Home/Office section and change it there, but when I do it says: 
"IP Addresses: The Device's IP address should not be in the range of the IP pool"
when I try to change it to I think it has something to do with the "Start IP Address:" and "End IP Address", but I don't know what to put in here. Can someone tell me exactly what to put in there if I try to change it to I want to make sure I can log into the routers new IP without a problem, or without resetting it. Am I on the right track?

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The router is the default gateway for the network. If you change its ip, that will impact other parts of the network. If the FiOS router has the primary wan connection, it is best that it be the default. Why not change the other device?


I can't get into my Netgear router because their addresses are both and I get the FIOS log in instead of my Netgear. I installed dd-wrt on my Netgear router (not Fios) and I can't log in via wifi (a problem with it) so I have to use an ethernet cord. 

I also tried Netgear's with no luck, so I need to try the alternative 192.168.1.X.


It could have changed on its own to maybe or 

you could reset the netgear to factory and try that. Often times the will work and should. Did you try Netgear knowledge base?

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Disconnect Netgear from FIOS router.

Connect to netgear via ethernet cable.
Can you access it at that time?

If not, do as previously suggested and factory reset unit.

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icyulkn - I'm not a tech, but I know there is more here than you think.

We need to know how the ONT, the Gateway and the other router are wired to each other.

Let's assume your ONT is connected to the first router's WAN port, and then there is a connection from a LAN port of that first router to the WAN port of the second router.  If you internally set that second router to have a LAN IP address of and specify that its DHCP range is (for example) through, things might start working.  They did in my wife's mini-office, where the landlord-provided ethernet network has a gateway router at and so our own internal router was set as I indicated above as a second router and as "routed bridge".

But there is a basic question why you would want both routers to provide DHCP services.  That was OK for my wife's mini-office but is unusual in your own home and probably not recommended.  The second router should probably be set to act only as a switch for the first one, which is a different setup and would probably make the second router invisible.

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First ... do NOT connect anything to the Netgear except your laptop via Ethernet; so there is only ONE network cable connected to the Netgear router.

Then change the IP of the Netgear router to

Save and reboot the Netgear router.  See if you can log into the Netgear router on the address.  If yes, you are good.  If no, go back and set the IP properly.

After all that is done and working, go into either the Verizon router or the Netgear router (DO NOT connect them to each other yet) and turn off the DHCP server.

Now you can put an Ethernet between the Netgear LAN port and Verizon router LAN ports. is the Verizon and is the Netgear.   If this is too confusing get someone who is more techie to help you.
Good luck.