How to Backup / Save Firmware on G1100 Router

How do I save / backup current firmware on my G1100 router?

Reason why is, I have a Verizon branded router that appears to have Frontier firmware on it. All services appear to work fine. I would like to backup current firmware before attempting to restore from hidden folder or flash current VZ firmware. 

Thanks in advance for any advice. 

Re: How to Backup / Save Firmware on G1100 Router
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Community Leader

Not sure any of us have the knowledge or ability to back up the G1100's firmware. I did find this on Reddit, which may be of use:

Technically, a firmware rollback is switching the router between boot partitions. Instead of booting from the primary partition, you are switching to the secondary partition which has the old OS image on it. Updates to one image keep the other partition intact in case of a failed firmware update, so the router can *crash* and then revert to what actually worked the last time, so it can try the update again (or give up). If you can get it to boot back up with Verizon firmware, the router should auto-update to the latest software version from Verizon, and should also overwrite the Frontier image with the newer Verizon image, leaving you with two Verizon boot images.