How to change channels when using a Google Nest

Hi Everyone:  While I'm pretty tech savy, this is way above my skills, so please bare with me.

I have an Arlo 2 security system.  It is having latency issues with live streem.  I called Arlo and they told me to call Verizon and have them change my router to "Channels 1, 6, AND 11."

Also, we use a Google Nest wifi that is directly downstreem from the Quantum Gateway router.  I do not believe the Quantum is in Bridge Mode, but don't know how to check.

So I'm somewhat good at this.  I logged into my Quantum Gateway Router and went to Main/Wireless Settings/Wifi Channel Settings and can clearly see where I can change the 2.4GZ channel from Automatic to any value.  Now, since I can only pick one channel, I'm assuming the rep at Arlo meant Channels 1, 6 OR 11, not AND 11.

So, for now, my only question is Did I do this right?  Was I supposed to make the Channel change in the Quantum Gateway Router, or should I have done something to the Google Nest?

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For 2.4Ghz WiFi, you can only choose one channel. It has to be 1, 6, OR 11. Typically, you should set the channel to "Automatic" to allow self detection.

WiFi cameras always have at least 6ms of latency because of wireless signal conversion, queuing, and etc...

Also, make sure you directly connect to your camera on LAN, not through Arlo's backend server through WAN then back to your LAN.