How to check G3100 Firmware?

How do I check the firmware version on my G3100 router?  My wireless printer stopped working and I'd like to see if upgrading the firmware might help, but I can't even find out how to check the current version to know if I'm on the latest or not.

It seems like a full reset of the router might be needed to force the new firmware to download, but I don't want to do that if I'm on the latest version already.  

Thanks in advance!

Re: How to check G3100 Firmware?
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Community Leader

To check Firmware, Login G3100, then on the Basic page, click the Status tab on the top left corner of the main panel (to the right of the menu list).

Your wireless printer issue sounds like your SON is enabled. If you like the SON feature of steering client devices from slower band to faster band, then leave it on and enable the IoT band for your wireless printer. Go to Advanced page > WiFi (menu list) > IoT Network > WiFi Enabled (Apply Changes lastly). The IoT band SSID and PSK will be disabled on the screen. Enter them as exact onto your wireless printer.

The IoT band is designated for Internet of Things (hence IoT) while avoiding interfering with SON operation among 2.4G and 5G bands.