How to connect OpenWRT router to G1100
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I've looked through some threads on here like this one , but it seems to be the opposite of what I'm trying to do so  I'm a bit confused. Here is the situation, I paid for a private VPN Cloud that I intend to configure so that I can access my home network while I am out of the country for a couple months. The company sent me this Zignbox mini PC that is already flashed with a version of OpenWRT that is customized for their service. When I use ethernet to connect the G1100 to the Zignbox, the OpenWRT running on the Zignbox is able to download and install packages from GitHub via the command line, so clearly the Internet is working on it. My issue is, I can't seem to be able to access the OpenWRT settings that should be available on the desktop that the G1100 is connected to, which is supposed to happen when I visit according to the OpenWRT documentation. That address  takes me to the G1100's Fios login and when I enter my credentials I just land at the Fios dashboard. Maybe I'm fundamentally misunderstanding something here, but I want the G1100 to still be my family's primary router, and it definitely still needs to transmit WiFi. But I don't understand what I need to do to make the OpenWRT box available on my network and to be able to access its settings from my desktop. I can access the OpenWRT command line when I connect the Zignbox directly to a monitor with HDMI, but I need to be able to access the GUI that's pictured in Step 8 of this guide  so that I can finish the setup. I hope it's easy to understand what I'm trying to accomplish, but I will eagerly clarify if any other details are needed. I'm fairly certain it's a setting that needs to be toggled on the G1100, but I don't want to cause any unintended problems messing with settings on there without knowing what I'm doing. If anyone can point me in the right direction, or set me straight if I'm misunderstanding things, I would be very grateful. Thanks!