How to file a complaint about FIOS internet?

We've had this internet outage for 3 days. And this is the 3rd time it's happening in the past few months. The outage lasted several hours for the first time, then a full day for the second time. Now it's just getting much worse.

I called the customer service. Everytime the automated system says "we are committed to restore your service at XX:XX (time)", but it's been delayed hundreds of times. I highly suspect if anyone is actually working on the problem. How could an issue remain unresolved after 3 days???

I have to admit FIOS internet is the worst among all the internet services I've experience. Other providers have had disconnections now and then, but they always fix the problem quickly. And they don't occure repeatedly!

I don't know how long this outage going to last, and how many more of this will happen. We'll have to switch to Time Warner at some point. 

Highly disappointed and I will file a complaint to BBB first thing tomorrow.

Re: How to file a complaint about FIOS internet?
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Filing a complaint with the BBB is not going to do anything for you. I don't know where you're located, but where I am in NY State, complaints of this type is filed with the Public Service Commission.

The PSC has the power to impose fines, and in cases of utilities that require approvals of their franchise to operate in certain areas, can withhold approval when necessary. The BBB can't do squat.

Re: How to file a complaint about FIOS internet?
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I know if doesn't help, but you should be able to get credits for outages more than 24 hours.

From others I have talekd to, FIOS is more reliable overall than other providers.

Yes, on an individual case, you may have better or worse experiences, but as a whole I beelive Verizon has a higher availablilty.

And given that most of have residential accounts, there is no SLA.

Not sure if PSC would fine them for a single person having an extended outage. Especially given that it was over the weekend. Have you escalated at all?

Called and talked to someone other than just getting automated response?