How to setup a Linksys router as WiFi network -- connecting to Actiontec
With horrible range using the Fios Actiontec router, I went ahead with google searched suggestion to use a second router as my WiFi network. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to properly set up the second router to the Actiontec even with step-by-step instructions. 

Can anyone give me step by step instructions to get the second router up and running? Please help!

I wish to set up my second router as a new static connection so my WiFi devices may connect to that network instead of the Actiontec's. I do have Fios TV, so I need a solution that will not interrupt the other services.

I used this set of instructions:

I put the starting IP as

I got up to the input New Static Connection and input and the MAC address of the new router.

When I press Apply, I get the message,"The IP address is illegal for any of the connections subnets." The first time it failed, it stated that the address was used, but now I get this message every time.

I also attempted this set of instructions:

But I only got up to #6 where I connect to the new router and enter admin. I was unable to access the new router. My browser states that there is no internet connection.

Note: Verizon support has been no help so far. I am at wit's end.

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I've done it and it works fine.  First let me say that I haven't had any problems with the FiOS router, so you may have another issue, such as interferrence.  A friend of my has this problem. 

But this is how you do it.  First configure your linksys router to use some other address than the 192.168.x.x range.  I would recommend 10.1.x.x like with a netmask ot  Next, find out what channel the wifi runs on on both the Linksys and the Fios routers.  Change the channel on one of them so they don't  overlap.  If 1 runs on 6 set the other to 3 or 9.  You have 11 channels to use from 1 - 11 but don't select 1,2,10, or 11.  Finally plug the WAN port of the linksys router into one of the LAN ports of the Fios router with an Ethernet cable.  I believe it should be a straight through Ethernet cable but it may be a Crossover Ethernet cable. 

That should work.

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The IP addresses, starting and static, have to be 192.168.1.x, not 192.68.1.x.

If you've indeed used .68 rather than 168, try changing those and see if that solves the problem.


I use as the Start IP address but here's what the screen looks like on my Rev I Actiontec:



Oh, I must have been tired when inputting the IP later on. This is the message I am getting now:

MAC Address already exists in Wireless Broadband Router's database.

I tried looking under the connection list to erase that connection, but it is not showing up.

Sorry, I am relatively new to connection networking. I will need some hand-holding.