How to view plan details?

How do I retrieve my basic plan details such as:
1. Official plan name (it says High Speed Internet Extra Plan or just High Speed Internet in other places)
1. Minimum guaranteed upload and download speed.
2. When did my current service start.

I have High Speed Internet Extra Plan ($34.99/month) which was an upgrade from my prior slower ~25.99/month service. Recently my download speed dropped dramatically to around .6 Mbps. I know I’m supposed to have at least 1.0 -1.1 Mbps download speed. I spent hours on Verizon website trying to find the most basic details about my plan without any success. I never received any email with details from Verizon and there was no paperwork with the router they sent me. All I have is screen grab from when I ordered the upgraded service about 2 years ago but it is on dead machine. I would have to pull out hard drive.

I tried a chat but the Agent Anamakonda was not able to help me retrieve visible to me account details. He/she claimed that I’m on on 0.5 Mbps (+) download plan which I know is not correct unless Verizon downgraded my plan while charging me the same without notifying me.

I’m about 20 miles from Washington D.C. and have third world country internet speed. So frustrating!

Re: How to view plan details?
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If you have a MyVerizon account, visit and then sign in. From here, once you're at the "My Account" page, select the "My Services" link at the left of the page. Here is where you'll find your HSI package and the rated plan speed range including a minimum and a maximum speed.

A general rule is this. If you have HSI, it will be something between 0.5Mbps to 1Mbps download, 90kbps upload to 384kbps upload. The upload speed will correspond to the download speed, per the below speeds (the REAL speed seen on a speed test):





If you have HSI Enhanced, your speed range is 1.1Mbps to 15Mbps download, with 384kbps upload to 1Mbps upload. They correspond as such to as such (Speeds posted here are the REAL speeds seen in a speed test).

1100kbps down, 384kbps up

1500kbps down, 384kbps up

1800kbps down, 384kbps up

1800kbps down, 620kbps up

2300kbps down, 620kbps up

2800kbps down, 740kbps up

3800kbps down, 740kbps up

5000kbps down, 740kbps up

6200kbps down, 740kbps up

7800kbps down, 740kbps up

9600kbps down, 1000kbps up

12480kbp down, 1000kbps up

14780kbps down, 1000kbps up

What speeds are given on HSI Enhanced are determined by a few factors.

  1. Wire length and wire quality. Poor quality wire or longer lines will cause lower speeds
  2. What type of DSLAM you're attached to. If you're attached to some ancient DSLAM installed in the early 2000s to even late 90s, your max speed will likely never be more than 3Mbps. If you're in a rural area, particular in Pennsylvania with newly installed DSL, you shouldn't expect more than 3Mbps due to the equipment in use. Most areas with 3Mbps tops are also bottlenecked by the backhaul Verizon has to the CO or to the backbone.
  3. What your address is actually qualified for. Verizon may be able to give you more speed, but the qualification database shows your address as having a lower maximum speed. Verizon Engineering must fix this.