How will the technician setup the ethernet in my unit?

Hi there,

Live in a multi-unit condo and up until recently, all the residents were capped at the 100mbp internet because the ONT boxes were on the ground floor (5 story condo).

We used the coaxial cables in our living room and were stuck with the 100mbp fios speed.

Recently, Fios came by to upgrade our condos and put an ONT box on each floor so now there would be an ONT box for each 2 units.

What I don't understand and am trying to understand is how will the ethernet cord come from the ONT box that is outside of our unit to the wall inside my unit (where the original coaxial cable came out of)?

It's not like the ONT box is next to the wall where the ethernet came come out of.  There is alot of space/walls in between.

Do I need a MoCa adapter for this?

I've attached a top-down picture to help make things easier.

Thanks in advance.


Re: How will the technician setup the ethernet in my unit?
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Can you post a picture of the new ONT box and closet?

The new ONT box you're referring to is most likely a fiber terminal with a conduit going to the closet in your unit. They will pull the fiber to your closet and install the ONT then they can run the ethernet from the closet along the baseboard over to your router.