I have a nook and can't connect to my Wi-Fi

I have a Nook and cannot connect to the WiFi via my MI424WR router

I did the reset on the back so it would give the default password, but the Nook still won't take the default password.

Re: I have a nook and can't connect to my Wi-Fi
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I suspect you are confusing the passwords. The default password and id on the router is very different from the default Wi-Fi password. The default Wi-Fi password (which is what you will have after a reset) is on a sticker on the router. The Default Security is WEP 64/40 bit. So make sure your Nook is set up for WEP 64/40, and use the password on the sticker (it is the same sticker that has the serial number of the router)..

If you don't like that, you can log into the router http;// and click on Wireless settings, then basic security settings and set up your own SSID (so you know you are attempting to connect to your network), and your own password. In any case, the type of security and the password you set up on the router and on the Nook MUST BE IDENTICAL and it  IS case sensitive!

If  you don't care for WEP, you can change to WPA or WPA2 security  by going to Advanced Security Settings.  However no matter what security  you use, the router and the Nook need to be set up for the same security