I have some networking questions about the FiOS Quantum Gateway?

I just got the FiOS Quantum Gateway, I have some questions but don't know anything really about it or networking in general. Any help would be appreciated.

  • At first the router was showing 2.4GHz & 5.0GHz. Now, under "Network Connections", > "5.0GHz Wireless Access Point 1 Properties", the "Status" for "5.0GHz Wireless Access Point 1" says disconnected. My iPhone/iPad showed 5.0GHz before but now it's everything under my "My Network" shows 2.4GHz. Any ideas how I fix this. Both have are turned on, both have the same SSID, WPA2, etc. Received & Sent Packets also show 0 for both under 5.0GHz.

  • Under "My Network", if you click on "Show More" it will list every device connected or using the your network. I'm seeing all my new cabled boxes and all the old ones. I got the Quantum Gateway first then a few days later the Quantum STB's came in. How can I remove the old ones, I need to clean this page up.

  • I have a 75/75 connection with FiOS, what WiFi speeds should I be getting? I never know which speed test sites to use, what locations and so on. I've been getting some weird speeds, especially from speed tests on my 5s and iPad Air while on WiFi.

  • As someone new to this router are there any other settings I should change to get the most out of this router?

Thanks 🙂


Here are screenshots of most of the router. Is there anything that you would change from what I provided? I can go into the other sub-sections of my router menu more, just let me know. I mentioned in my previous post that 5Ghz disappeared, now one of my devices is now using it again, as you can see in the images I provided. It seems like 5Ghz is somehow back on now? I don't know how, but only 1 device is using it now, it seems to be going off and on?


> Network Status:

> Network Connections:


> Wireless Status:

> Basic Security Settings:

> Advanced Security Settings:

 > WiFi Protected Setup:


> Router Status:

> Advanced Status:


 > General:

> Advanced:

Re: I have some networking questions about the FiOS Quantum Gateway?
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I can help with a few:

1) Don't worry about old devices. They will age out (typically a week after you remove them). You can reboot the router to clear if you wish.

2) WIFI speeds are totally unrelated to the Internet speed you have purchased. It is hard to tell what speed you should get because it depends on the devices on the network, how far you are from router, etc.

Re: I have some networking questions about the FiOS Quantum Gateway?
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Change the SSID of the 5Ghz to something differnet than the 2.4Ghz. You'll then be able to see it in the available network list and connect to it at 5Ghz. Currently they have the same name, so the 2.4Ghz configuration is probably getting all the connections.

Re: I have some networking questions about the FiOS Quantum Gateway?
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Consider chaning from compatibility mode to Performance mode.  Obviously can't if you have older devices that need it.