I’m never using Fios routers

Yea so been having trouble getting the Fios router to get me the whole gigabit connectivity I’d been paying for. So went out and bought  new mesh router and Bam getting way more than a gig in itself. Then had received a call from Verizon seeing my router was off then asking me to connect it. I said when you can get your equipment to provide a gig worth then sure. And we’re not required to use the Verizon routers if they’re not working. Sorry but definitely never sorry

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You only need to use their NAT router if:

#1 You have Fios TV One  (or Fios One TV - if I got the name wrong)

#2 You need support from Verizon.

-> Support will end at the ONT if you use your own NAT router.

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I don't know which Fios router you are referring to.

G3100 has a software packet forwarding capacity of 3Gbps, while CR1000A has a L3 10Gbps switch chip advertised at 160Gbps capacity.

Slow speeds may due to inadvertent activation of Home Network Protection. Are you connected via WiFi? To my knowledge, G3100 has twice the radio density as other consumer access points.

I am not getting much of the details of your setup. If you wish to troubleshoot VZ routers, please provide more details so other customers can help you troubleshoot. Otherwise, many are going to walk away interpreting this is a mere complaint and bears a sample size of one.

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I’m interested in what you’re talking about regarding the home protection being triggered. Because as you know from my own post, my gigabit upload speeds are dropping to 50 mbps on both ethernet and WiFi (literally tried two of the best Verizon routers now). How can we determine if this is happening?