I need internet right now!

I recently moved into a new build home in an existing neighborhood that is wired for Verizon Fios; but Verizon is doing absolutely NOTHING to help me get my internet setup! I called Verizon 2 weeks before moving into my home to understand what would be needed to have internet at my home before moving in and the rep explained the process and opened an "engineering ticket"; which I'm learning is just a black hole where request go to die. I was told I would receive a phone call and email by the end of the week with a status update, but to my surprise I received neither. When I called back, a new rep was able to surface the "engineering ticket", which had not been commented on nor touched and gave me the same story as the first rep. Fast forward 5 different phone calls to Verizon, 2 "engineering tickets" and 1 call back just to say "Nobody has touched your ticket" and now I'm in my house with no internet access. I work from home and rely on a strong internet to get my job done; Verizon has decided to hold me hostage because they are the only service provider in my area and they refuse to do their job for whatever reason. I'm not sure Verizon understands the meaning of expedite, and if I hear another rep tell me they have escalated my ticket only to find out nothing had been done I going to loose my mind.

Dear Verizon,


Seeing how that's your job.


Increasingly frustrated prospective customer 

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Hi CJR4,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please check your Private Messenger Inbox for a message from a Verizon Support agent. You can find your Inbox by clicking on your username at the top right corner of this page and then clicking the envelope icon that appears at the top of the menu. Response times may vary. Please continue to check your Inbox for a reply from a Verizon agent. Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents who will be assisting you privately.