I want FIOS please help
Hi I have had 5mps DLS for about a year and a half now. In my house there can be up to 7 people using my internet connection at a time. I have requested FIOS several times just to be told my address does not have it as an option despite me being sure people across the street and maybe even one of my neighbors have the service. Honestly I have been waiting to make this upgrade as soon as it was available but the wait is getting to long.
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Re: I want FIOS please help
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You are talking to other end users here - we know nothing official about Verizon's plans to build out its FIOS network.

That being said, the general concensus is that Verizon is no longer expanding FIOS.  What that means is that if you are in an area where Verizon has already installed fiber optic cable, then you can request a hookup.  But if there is no optical cable in your area then there never will be.

Since you said there are FIOS customers in your neighborhood it's likely that you can get a hookup.  BUt you'll have to talk to someone in the FIOS sales office to confirm this.