I want to use my own Router for FIOS

I have an old Verizon FIOS setup from the time Verizon first offered FIOS. Use to have set top boxes, they have all been returned have a ROKU that i connect wirelessly.  I believe it's an Actiontec Mi424WR router.  So there is  COAX Cable  ....MOCA connection?  and a Cat 5  connection both. is the coax for my old existing network for the set top box? can i unplug the cat5 cable and unplug from my actiontec and plug into any new router i purchase? 

Re: I want to use my own Router for FIOS
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If Internet service is using the coaxial cable, Verizon Support can switch it over to the Ethernet cable. The 424 can be replaced with a new router.

If the ONT is still older model, consider having it replaced with the current unit.

Re: I want to use my own Router for FIOS
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If you have an Actiontec router, it should be removed from service as soon as possible.  It's years out of support, which means it doesn't get security updates.

If you have Ethernet WAN from the ONT, you can use any router you like.  You can tell if you have this by seeing if there is an Ethernet cable from the ONT connected to the WAN port on the router. You may have been setup with a MoCA WAN connection, if you have that setup you won't have an Ethernet cable between the ONT and router WAN port.

The coax connection on the router is also used for a LAN connection to set-top-boxes, which you no longer have.  That's why you can use any router you like.

As dexman noted, if you are currently on MoCA WAN, Verizon support can switch you to Ethernet WAN for no charge.  Just be sure the Ethernet cable is installed before you switch.

I concur with dexman that upgrading your ONT may be in order.  The question is if you're on a BPON ONT, which is used for slower speeds (50/50, 75/75 and 100/100).  GPON ONTs are newer and support all speeds up to gigabit.  Verizon is swapping some customers from BPON to GPON at no charge; if you have a BPON ONT you can ask them if they will upgrade you.  If you're not sure what model ONT you have, the first question is speed - anything above 100/100 uses GPON.  If that doesn't answer the question, post a picture or two and we can tell.

You may find articles on the web that discuss DHCP release/renew when switching fios routers.  Those articles are out of date (even if they show a recent publication date.)  DHCP release is hasn't been needed for years.  Just unplug the Ethernet from the Actiontec and plug it into your new router.