IP address blocked by SORBS, Verizon will do nothing

I had Verizon FIOS installed yesterday for my internet. Everything was working fine when I had Xfinity, but there is a lot of trouble now. I cannot access sites that need to geolocate me in NJ. The sites keep telling me I need to download the geolocation plugin, which I of course have had since I signed up. After a few long calls with Verizon (and using 5 different IP addresses), it appears the sites use a system called SORBS, operated by a company called Proofpoint, Inc. and this SORBS is blocking many Verizon IP addresses. I believe it is because Verizon IP addresses are dynamic. Verizon says that since they are not the ones blocking me, they have done all they can and refuse to contact the sites or SORBS. In order to use the sites I have to hotspot my phone then switch over to the Verizon network (and it still doesn't fully work). It's an annoying and inconsistent extra step I'd like to not have to do. What can be done? Why won't Verizon address this issue? Looking back at community posts, this has been happening for over 10 years!!

The SORBS site is difficult to understand, and the one thing I could figure out says my IP address is not int heir database... So I don't know what is going on...

Someone PLEASE help!! I JUST got Verizon again yesterday - I don't want to have to switch providers again... HELP!!!

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I don't know anything about SORBS.  You could try their support: http://www.sorbs.net/cgi-bin/support

I do know that some users on FiOS do things that get their IP addresses blocked, then they switch addresses and some poor unsuspecting person gets stuck with the block.  That might be what is happening here.  Try changing your IP address again.  If you release your IP address from the router, then power down the router and wait a while, you may get a new one when you turn it back on.

Good Luck.