IP address lease expired on one website.
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Twice in the last week the website GameKnot.com has come up with a server error. Both times I had to call Verizon support to fix it.  The second time the tech told me the lease had expired on the GameKnot IP address,  which of course baffled me.  I've been a member of GameKnot for about 15 years. This is obviously something that hasn't happened before. I sent a message to the site, I'm waiting to hear back. Anybody ever hear of this situation. Thanks

Re: IP address lease expired on one website.
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Community Leader

#1 So what happened, as best as you can tell.

One or more page(s) loading error(s)?

Their website seems to be very slow and it takes a long time for any of the pages to load?

#2 What DNS Servers are you using?

Please consider getting and using the tool that is addressed on https://www.grc.com/dns/benchmark.htm to find out the answer to my last question and more.