In Home Agent does nothing
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I just had FIOS (TV and Internet) installed yesterday. The technician installed in home agent. When I run it, all I get is a window with a guy sitting on the floor with a goofy smile with a laptop on his lap and to the right of that is the words Verizon In-Home Agent Fast, Easy, FiOS & High Speed Internet Solutions....

What is it supposed to do? There are no links to click and no icons to use. Is it defective?


Re: In Home Agent does nothing
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Community Leader

One of the things it does is monitor your system and connection for issues and then ostensibly offer some suggestions if it thinks it finds a problem.  The result of this monitoring is another thing it does which is to slow down your sytem somewhat.

If you think you know enough about networking and your system to handle common problems then the answer is to uninstall the product.  That being said I would download the installer and save it without installing in case you run into issues and need to contact support at which time you could install it as they will ask for details that it can provide.