In-Home Agent for Mac doesn't work - never has

I signed up for FIOS service several months ago and have never been able to get Verizon In-Home Agent to work. I can get as far as the level shown below, but when I select one of the grayed options, I get the spinning icon. (See it at lower left corner of the window.) That lasts for a few minutes, then nothing happens - it just goes back to the same window.


I even tried clicking the "Click here to provide your Feedback." I get the same icon (hard to see, but it's to the left of that link), then back to the same window.


Running Mac OS X 10.6.8.

Any ideas?

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Re: In-Home Agent for Mac doesn't work - never has
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I just got FIOS in my all-Mac household. Nothing works for the Mac in FIOS. Not the FIOS t.v. widgets, In-Home Agent or anything else. Verizon is the most Mac unfriendly telecom company I've ever seen. Ironic if you think about what its products are.

All that will work on a Mac is that it will connect to the Internet. Period.

Verizon, would it really be too much cost or trouble to develop more Macintosh options?