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When I log into my router, the status for my set top boxes is "inactive" but both are working fine.  I get VOD, guide, widgets, etc.    My laptop and desktop show up "active."  No one @ Verizon has been able to explain.  I have refreshed, rebooted the router, disconnected the STBs but still get same inactive message.  What would cause this?  I am 3 weeks into FIOS but do recall when the tech installed seeing both labelled active.  TIA.
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Stb's generally do not show as active unless they are actively updating. Unlike the computer or gaming systems, stb's do not maintain an active connectio to the router. They only access the router when they need to update the guide or to pull down widgets/vod systems. For the most part, they are only "active" for a few minutes a day. Plus the routers display info is not always accurate to the minute.  It may be off by as much as 15 minutes so while the stb may be active at this moment it may not show for about 15 minutes or so in the router menu. But as long as your stb's are working it really shouldnt matter.
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My STBs were like that forever. Older Actiontec Rev A router. The only time you need them to be active is for the Remote DVR or HM-DVR functions, and during guide updates. If you have the channel guide updating and do not use the mentioned features I would not worry. My router would not show the STBs active even after a factory reset of the router, and Remote DVR would not work. So I was shipped a new router. Now my connections show active. You can try a factory reset. But like I said, if you are not having trouble I would not worry about it.

Device Name: IP-STB1 Connection Type: Coax IP Address: Status: Active    

Device Name: IP-STB2 Connection Type: Coax IP Address: Status: Active    

Device Name: IP-STB3 Connection Type: Coax IP Address: Status: Active

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