Incomplete new service installation

Just recently purchased the FIOS service with a high expectation of getting great customer service to match their supposedly great FIOS product. I am taken a back by lack of knowledge and poor coordination between 5he individuals/ parties handling new installation. A technician came for installation and he did not even know that fiber line in the street was inactive. Took a day to get that activated. Then he learned there is no conduit to bring the cable from the street to my home. He laid the cable above ground feet long through my lawn and across my driveway. Turned on the service. He advised that another person/ contractor will come next day to install the cable underground. He said a utility mark out has been called so Verzon can dig in my yard to bury the cable. It has been a week now, my front yard is filled with utility marking flags. I have fiber cable in the lawn in the side yard. This is preventing me from mowing the lawn without protecting the cable. More importantly the cable is exposed to weather element and will degrade my service. Verizon does not seem to care despite my calling them several times and getting assurances, no one has come to complete the installation. No one has even called to tell us the status update. I am concerned that someone will show up unannounced and damage my driveway while installing cable under it. They already had damaged my driveways near the street at two locations. Took several months to have it fixed. In the mean time they were quick to send me my first bill! Very disappointed. I will probably go back to my previous service provider.

Re: Incomplete new service installation
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Hi MP3,

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