Incorrect map location on my mobile devices

We just upgraded our Fios router last week.  Since that time, my tablet, which has terrible GPS reception inside, will frequently show my location as Madison, NJ, approximately 250 miles from my actual location near Washington DC.  And it always shows me at the exact same house.  (My tablet is wifi-only.)  Tonight I tested my phone by switching location services to "battery saver mode" and turning off mobile data, leaving wifi as the only source for location information.  It also placed me in Madison, NJ, so I know it's not just my tablet.  The strange thing is that locations are fine on my laptop.

My assumption is that our router or IP address was previously assigned to a customer in NJ.  I contacted Verizon support to see if I could get the registered location changed and was told that the router does not contain any geolocation information.  The rep kept insistng that the location information could only come from my device's internal GPS.

I've also tried looking up our IP address, and the location seems fine.  So I'm stumped as to why my mobile devices are getting the wrong geolocation from our wifi network.  Could it be a location set to the router itself?  Is there any way to reset it, or something I can tell Verizon to help them get to the root of the problem?

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There are several GeoIP database providers out on the Internet. Some may have updated already. Others might take months before they will update. It's self correcting, but nothing Verizon can do, since they do distribute IPs across their network as they're available. IPs may be regionally distributed or country-wide.