Install Fios with my own router
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Hello I just bought fios (Internet only, not phone nor TV cable) and when I ordered the service through the web site I choosed the option to use my own router (because I already have the verizon router, I boutht it from a friend and it is the exacly same souter that they sell in the website) but there are some questions that I have.
I have never had any service from verizon in my house before (And the only thing that they sent was a package with some instructions on how to set up the router, they didn't install anything in my hose. Shoudn't they install an ONT or something?. In the instructions that they sent there is a step where I have to conect the Router to a verizon coax plug in the wall trhough a coax cable (in my house there are some coax cables in every room, but I'm not sure if I can conect the router to any of those cables or if it has to be a specific verizon coax plug.).

Has anyone installed Fios in the house without an ONT?.


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First if you are slated for a self install, there should be an ONT either on the inside of your home, or on the wall of your home or apartment or in a garage or even an attic.

you did not mention what speed internet only you have? Normally ethernet is installed for certain speed tiers.

in your email they should explain all of this. If your email is saying coaxial (MOCA) then your speeds are probably 50/50 through 100/100 I believe ethernet is used for speeds above 100/100 or 150/150 

more information would be helpful.

call 1-800-VERIZON or look at your billing and order confirmation mails for your tier.