Installation Issues

We just recently upgraded to the gigabit internet service and had to have an installer come out to upgrade our existing service. They ran a ethernet cable from the optical terminal in my basement to the router on my first floor to accomplish this.  To complete this installation they tie wrapped the ethernet cable to a waterline running in the ceiling of the basement. Then when they were no longer able to do that as the water line turned, they free aired the ethernet over about 6 feet with no support which left the cable sagging down from the ceiling about 3 feet. Then, instead of running inside of the wall upstairs and installing and ethernet jack, they found the HVAC system and ran the ethernet inside that and came out on the first floor underneath a heat register and then ran the ethernet across the carpet to the router another 5 feet. To say that this installation looks horrible would be a complete understatement!  We have visible cables on two floors of the house one of which is a tripping hazard and the other you can reach up and pull with your hand.  This was a $99 installation with no fee waved. Is this a standard installation practice for Verizon? Just wondering if I’ve got something typical or if my installer really wasn’t into it  that day. Any information would be appreciated. Looking at taking this higher if I do not get resolution, as this is a new house and completely ridiculous. 


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I would say not typical of an instillation. The guy who came to our home mounted the ONT to the outside of our home. Very secure. Then he and I drilled a small 1/4 inch hole in the bottom of where the ont was mounted. Fished the ethernet cable through the wall. And then ran it along our baseboard to our customer owned router.

he was friendly and would stay until I was satisfied. He also said he could just mount the ONT in the attic and run it down the openings we had drilled for our former cable service. So you more than likely had a lazy installer. I would call a local electrician to run the ethernet correctly. You don’t run phone or electrical in air conditioning duct.