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I just had fios setup service at the apartment I moved into about a month ago. I assumed the internet would be connected through the coaxial cable like it has been in the past and thats where the setup would work with our TV stand. The tech informed me that they need to install it through an ethernet port. The only one I had was behind the couch. I asked , "is there anyway we could setup behind the TV stand where I wanted it?" and he replied, "no". It turns out they should have offered for $60 dollars to install a new ethernet port. I didn't realize this at the time and assumed with the answer of "no" they couldn't do this service. I find out later they should have installed the new ethernet port per my request and now Fios wants to charge me $60 for the ethernet port and $99 dollars for the tech to come out. I have no problem paying the $60 dollars, but I don't understand why I am being charged $99 when the tech should have done it the first time they came to install. Googling fios installion problems I see that I am not the first person to have this issue of techs not wanting to install new ports. I have an order for a new tech to come out this week and install and I tried to get customer solutions to waive the $99 tech fee, but he wouldn't. He stated that the fios installation team could install the router wherever they like and were under no obligation to offer services to install a new port. He implied that I needed to no what ports I needed prior to the installation. I explained there was no way of me knowing what I needed. I am really dissapointed in the customer service I have recieved. 

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I am somewhat confused.

depending on the speed of your internet I think above 100/100 and depending on if you have tv and phone as well Verizon is using ethernet for their installs. 

Verizon does not fish through walls. They will drill into your attac or basement or even any wall board near the ONT then run ethernet to where you want the router to be placed. They assign around 3 hours to do this procedure.

you ended up with a lazy installer. Took the quickest route to the install. You only needed to show the installer as “this is where I want my router” or “this is where I want my set top boxes to be” along those lines.

my installer did a great job. Arrived before time, knew how to run the ethernet to our chosen location, brought extra length so if we wanted to move our own supplied router to another location, had zero knowledge of how to set up the account or as he said he was computer stupid but knew how to install. He even said he would run it down through our attic if we wanted. Run down to our connection boxes since we have cable as well as Fios connections and wall plates.