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I currently use cable internet (and OTA TV) and I'm looking at Fios now that it's available in my area. If I sign up for Fios, will they be running fiber to my house and install an ONT?
I use my coax lines for OTA reception so is there an extra fee for them to run ethernet from the ONT to the place I want the router to be? (I'll be removing the coax cable running thru the bathroom window which I use for my current cable internet)

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Community Leader

Yes, they will run Fiber to your house and install an ONT.

I beleive that installation of ethernet is inlcuded in install price.

Be prepared for the installation to not be pretty though.

If you know which side of your house the fiber would come in on, might be better to have the ethernet installed beforehand.
Might cost a little more, but will quite possibly be a cleaner install.