Installer Error

My internet stopped working and didn't know why.  I contacted Verizon and they told me no less than 4 times that I would be charged if it was my fault.  That is fine, it is well within their right to charge for wasting their time.

However, they were not able to come out to fix my situation until the weekend was over.  I don't live liberally; I don't have cable and I can't afford many things.  What I know I have to afford is Internet.  However, not once was I offered any reciprocation for what they ask of me.  They wasted my time.  They wasted my money because I still had to pay for service that I was not receiving.

An installer improperly did his job and I am affected for a weekend.  Yet Verizon sees no problem in threatening if their time is wasted that I have to pay for their wasted time, but if my time is wasted, they don't have to pay for my wasted time.

This was completely an issue they created because they did not do things right the first time and they refused to fix the situation until the following Monday.  How many people have had this issue and what have they done that may help?

Thank You

Re: Installer Error
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Hi themightyall,

Have you contacted Verizon Support at 1-800-VERIZON to request a credit for time you were without service?