Intermittent DSL outages

Last night I suddenly lost DSL from ABOUT 1am to 10am. I still had landline but the "DSL" light was blinking on my wireless router/modem combo. I reset the modem without success. This told me that the problem was outside the house. Now tonight it happened again. from ABOUT 1:30am-2am.I lost DSL service. Looking at my modem I saw that the green DSL light that is normally on was now blinking. I switched my landline into that jack box and had POTS.

Is there maintance going on in the 15202 area that is affecting my service or what is happening??? 

Re: Intermittent DSL outages
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We lose ours everytime the power blinks or a t-storm rolls in. Usually for a week, but recently been months at a time. 16875
Re: Intermittent DSL outages
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If Verizon's gear was damaged by the storms rolling through, that can cause DSL service to go out. The most recent occurrence from 1AM to 3AM is within Verizon's maintenence window. It's possible if the DSL went out and came back, that Verizon was moving lines or doing some sort of repair. 

As long as the problem doesn't continue, I'd say you should be fine. DSL service doesn't have  service guarantee like voice service has, so if the equipment you're served out of loses utility power, DSL is the first thing to go. Voice service will be battery backed, and for extended outages a generator is usually brought in by Verizon. 

As for the poster above, DSL shouldn't be out for a month at a time. Make sure the voice line isn't getting water into it. Water in the line is symbolized by heavy static while in a call, clicking, and periods with no phone service what so ever. If you have those symptoms, get Verizon to fix the voice service first. That should fix the DSL.