Intermittent Internet connection in the past few days.
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The Internet connection can be described as erratic in the past few days.  Speed tests get 25/12 Mbps most of the time, but sometimes I get “The test can’t be completed due to a problem with the network.”  There is a noticeable latency in browsing web pages. There are web pages that I check regularly (e.g. hourly, not social media, but work related Google, Microsoft pages).  They have been often slow to start for the past few days. They used to show up instantly.  This is the case for many other pages including this forum that is particularly slow.  This is the case on two totally different computers (different OS, different CPU, etc.).  I have rebooted the router, the computers to no avail.

I have changed “Obtain DNS Server address automatically” to “Use the following server addresses” to use “” and “”.   Nothing has helped so far.  I am in Eastern Massachusetts.

I am wondering if anyone could offer a tip on how to determine the bottleneck of the Internet connection.  I think I can exclude computers.  I want to know if it is the router (FiOS-G1100) or Fios causing the problem.